Aspetta il mare

Aspetta il mare (Wait for the sea) (2004) is the rhythm of who, by the sea, wait for the sea itself; it is a silent dialogue between the sea and the human body, if we like to think that it is possible to have a dialogue with the sea; It is a mythical rite, if we believe in signs of gratitude and subjection; it is the wavelenght of the blue light spectrum that penetrates surfaces, eyes, and makes fun of perception.

Technical Details: 16 film photographic images, each 36x36 cm (2004); 2 film photographic images, each 70x50 cm; 2 digital video on dvd, lop.

, Luoghi non comuni, curated by Les bas Blue, Padova, Italy.
2004, DI dolcezza infinita, Palazzo Parissi, Monteprandone Marche, Italy.
2004, Aspetta il mare, solo show, curated by Francesca Bertolotti and Olivia Verona, Scalodieci, Milano.